PECS 2006: From Processes to Prediction

Our knowledge of estuarine, coastal and nearshore physics is continually improving. We seek, therefore, not merely to capture mechanisms and quantify processes, but to predict future events from dynamically realistic models. PECS2006, convened 18-22 September 2006 at the beautiful Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, OR, will bring together the world's leading scientists in estuarine and coastal physical oceanography to discuss and define the state-of-the-art and future directions for the field.

We plan to use 1-2 dedicated issues of Continental Shelf Research to publish refereed papers resulting from the conference. Papers from the 2000 PECS Conference in Norfolk, Virginia appeared in this journal. Among the journals we considered, CSR offered the best combination of relevance, impact, and affordability.

View from the lobby of the Holiday Inn Hotel Astoria
The Columbia River Maritime Museum


PECS 2006 Attendees


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